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WRB Analysis Free Study Guide Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters 4 - 12 Volatility Trading Report (VTR) Trade Strategies
WRB Analysis Free Study Guide Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters Volatility Trading Report Strategies
Verified Client Review
TheStrategyLab Verified Client Review
Verified Client Review
TheStrategyLab Verified Client Review
Verified Client Review
TheStrategyLab Verified Client Review

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Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center   

Hashtags: #coronavirus #covid19  

I highly recommend all traders visit and read the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center because there's many excellent resources to help you navigate this difficult trading period although these resources are not related to trading itself @

Johns Hopkins also has what I consider to be the best interactive coronavirus map @

New Fee-Base Clients

Our most recent fee-base clients are Shoshone (September 27th). You can read a little about these new clients of WRB Analysis and what service they purchase to help their trading @

November 29th Friday: CME Group Trade Against a Pro Trading Challenge  

The CME Group is having another trading competition for traders to compete against professional trader Bob Iaccino although in reality the traders are competing against each other. More info @

April 27th Saturday: 

How to Determine the Usefulness of WRB Analysis 

The following consist of what most of our clients are doing to determine the usefulness of the Advance Tutorial Chapters 4 - 12 with their trade signal strategy via the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide because the free study guide is the foundation for the Advance Tutorial Chapters 4 - 12...continue reading @ 

March 3rd Sunday - March 8th Friday:

CME Group Trade Against A Pro Trading Challenge

First of all, I will get straight to the dirt. March 3rd Sunday evening to March 8th Friday afternoon...there was a futures trading competition. This was my first futures trading competition and I only enter the competition after persistent requests by three other Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters 4 - 12 clients that I've grown to trust the past 5 years...two I've personally have met and consider them to be personal friends.

The competition occurred was marketed as "trade against a Pro" trader named Bobby Iaccino of Path Trading Partners...a professional trader. I first heard about Mr. Iaccino back in 2002 from a close family friend that lives in Chicago. Also, I've seen Mr. Iaccino on many different financial news networks: CNBC, CNBC Asia, Bloomberg Television and radio, CNN, CNN International, CNN Moneyline, Fox Business News, First Business (Canada) and Phoenix TV (China).

Bobby Iaccino is successful trader but finish in the competition with a...continue reading

Where Should You Begin Your Price Action Trading Learning ? 

WRB Analysis Free Study GuideFirst, we highly recommend you read our risk warning prior to doing any further trading and prior to using TheStrategyLab resources @ Risk Warning. Next, you must begin your price action trading analysis learning via our free study guide @ WRB Analysis Basic Tutorial Chapters, free real-time chat room @ ##TheStrategyLab.

Also, if you don't have your own trade signal strategy to use with the WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters, you can freely use one of our trade signal strategies @ FVB Basic that exploits key changes in volatility regardless if its intraday volatility analysis or volatility analysis on larger time frames. These free resources will give you the basic concepts (foundation) to price action trading via WRB Analysis and will help you to improve the performance of your own trade signal strategies and/or improve your understanding of the price action you're preparing to trade whenever volatility changes.

Also, the above free resources are for your due diligence prior to you purchasing our fee-base resources called WRB Analysis Advance Tutorial Chapters and Volatility Trading Report (VTR) price action trade strategies. 

Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters 4 - 12  

Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapter 4(click on the image to learn more)

The first step into our services is the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide. It's the foundation of our trade methodology with objective rules / price action definitions.

The Free Study Guide is also part of the verification process of verifying that the trader understands the basic concepts of WRB Analysis via being able to identify WRB intervals, Contracting Volatility intervals, WRB Hidden GAP intervals, Strong Continuation WRB Zones and Swing Point WRB Zones to ensure they're prepare to learn the Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters.

You will be required to post DOKs and redacted screenshots of timestamp trade fills from your broker trade execution platform to verify you've learned/applied the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide with your trade signal strategy prior to purchase of any of our fee-base education content.

Also, do not confuse WRB Analysis with Wide Range Bar Analysis. These are two different price action analysis in which WRB Analysis works with your trade signal strategies. Thus, WRB Analysis is not a trade signal strategy. In contrast, Wide Range Bar Analysis is a trade signal strategy that's associated with another vendor. 

The Advance Tutorial Chapter 4 is the next step into our advance WRB Analysis education resources and the following step is the Advance Tutorial Chapters 4 - 12 package.

It will give you an advance understanding of the price action (market context) to help you identify price areas called WRB Zones that represent key changes in supply/demand so that you can exploit these key changes for profits via whatever trade signal strategy you're using that appears within (shares a tick) the WRB Zone. To learn more about the price action trading course called Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters 4 -12 and the pre-qualification to gain access to our fee-base education here.  

Price Action Trading Performance  

May 20th Monday - Volatility Trading Report (VTR) Trade Signal

May 20th 2019 - Volatility Trading Report (VTR) Long Signal(click on image to view Long Signal)  

First, you must download, understand and post DOKs for the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide @ prior to purchase of the Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters or the Volatility Trading Report (VTR) trade strategies.

Free support is provided for any trader that does not understand or has questions about the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide. 

The WRB Zone shown in the above chart can be used to look for trade signals, profit targets, stop/loss management, trend analysis or range analysis depending upon which area in your trading that you need to improve in your trading plan regardless if you're a trader that uses price action patterns or indicators. The chart shown is an example of a recent price action trade signal and WRB Zone that a fee-base client recently used in their trading plan.

More information about our price action trading courses Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters @ (price action analysis) and Volatility Trading Report (VTR) (price action trade strategies) @

March 13th Wednesday - Profit for the Day: $2,687.50

TheStrategyLab wrbtrader Price Action Trading Broker Profit Loss Statement(click on image to view trading results)  

Archive chat log @

You must be a registered member with a trade journal in our private trade journal section to view other broker profit loss statements in my private trade journal along with other images for any other trading day after July 11th 2018 or you can just click on the dates in the calendar to the upper right to view the archived chat logs of the free chat room for any trading day since 2002 where members of TheStrategyLab are posting their real time trades and real time price action analysis so that there's more eyes on the markets...not your typical chit chat room. 

More information about access to the private trade journal section @

The above image excerpt is the broker profit (loss) statement, real-time chat room trade posts and price action analysis. It's an image from my center monitor of a multiple monitor setup...representing my most recent price action trading results for either the Emini ES futures, Eurex DAX futures, Emini RTY (TF) futures, Light Crude Oil CL (WTI) futures, Gold GC futures and EuroFX 6E futures for my most recent trading day via the online user name wrbtrader.

Currently, I'm mainly trading Emini ES futures while watching other key markets (e.g. Treasury ZB futures, Eurex DAX futures, U.S. Dollar DX futures, Forex EURUSD currency) to help with my intraday volatility analysis, inter market analysis, intra market analysis of the overall market conditions on any given trading day. It also helps me to provide good support to clients using my price action trading courses called Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters (price action analysis) or Volatility Trading Report VTR (price action trade strategies) to trade other markets.

Our services are tax deductible

  Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters 4 - 12 (Questions, Answers & DOKs) 

Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters 4 - 12(click to view question and chart)

June 21st Wednesday - (DOK Chapters 1, 2 and 3) -  Demonstration of knowledge (DOK) by WRB Analysis user member NickA...continue reading.

If you have doubts about the merits of using key changes in volatility and key changes in supply/demand via WRB Analysis to identify profitable opportunities or any doubts about our support to help other're welcome to use our free resources for your due diligence prior to purchasing any of our fee-base resources.

Free WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters 1, 2 and 3 (Questions, Answers & DOKs) 

WRB Analysis Free Study Guide(click to view question and chart)

February 20th Wednesday - (DOK Chapters 1, 2 and 3) -  Demonstration of knowledge (DOK) by WRB Analysis user member Wizzle...continue reading.

If you have doubts about the merits of using key changes in volatility and key changes in supply/demand via WRB Analysis to identify profitable opportunities or any doubts about our support to help other're welcome to use our free resources for your due diligence prior to purchasing any of our fee-base resources.

Global Market News
Global Market News
FED, ECB, IMF, BOE, Eurozone, Volatility and Markets @ Google

U.S. Dollar, Canadian Dollar, S&P 500, DJIA, Gold, Oil, Asia, Currencies and Federal Reserve @ Bloomberg

Politics, Economy, Markets/Finance, Companies, Technology @ IB Times communicates with traders without spamming nor soliciting nor baiting. Simply, they contact us first although we prefer that traders contact us in our own backyard here at TheStrategyLab. We use the user name wrbtrader at social networks such as @ StockTwits, @ Twitter, @ TradingView, @ Twitch, @ ##TheStrategyLab chat room, @ TSL Support Forum, @, @, @, @

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TheStrategyLab Reviews the Review Industry
Reviews of the Trading Review Industry

Typically the review industry should be by unbiased individuals that have no competing products nor affiliations with those in the same industry they're reviewing.

The trading review industry is very's like the wild wild west with the reviewers having the same services and affiliations as those they are reviewing...the competition to their services or the competition of their partnerships. That's very problematic and it hurts the trading industry...resulting in a fragmented, manipulating review industry with false narratives as a review.

@ Review of Dr. Dean Handley

@ Review of Emmett Moore Jr. Tradingshools

@ Review of Valforex

@ Review of Trolls 

I saw first signs of this problem back in 1998 when a popular discussion forums had a large review section of other competing trader services to their sponsors. Those review section grew so large that it consumed the discussion forum due to poor moderating by the forum owners.

Those popular trader discussion forums are no longer here today except for a few.

Most Recent WRB Zones via WRB Analysis on Twitter / Stocktwits / TradingView @
wrbtrader Twitter Stocktwits TradingView

Free User WRB Analysis Verification DOK chart @
Free User WRB Analysis DOK
TheStrategyLab Review @
TheStrategyLab Review
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##TheStrategyLab Chat Room Logs
 Archives of Real-Time Collaboration

Archived Chat Logs July 2024













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* Holiday (Chat Room Closed or Morning Session Only)

** Vacation Travel: United States, Canada or France...multiple holidays (no trading) as a citizen & resident of three countries

TheStrategyLab Member Quotation##TheStrategyLab (located on Libera IRC network) is a free chat room used by price action traders to post real-time trades, price action trading analysis, intraday volatility analysis and anything involving WRB Analysis merged with their trade methods.

Some members will even discuss how psychology is impacting their trading day.

The info they post about their trading day while trading is then combined with the info they post in their private threads to better understand their broker statements and quantitative statistical analysis from a professional trade journal software.

Also, I observe the holidays in France, Canada and the U.S.A. Thus, the chat room may be open but I'm not trading due to a holiday via France or Canada while the U.S. markets are open. This also means I have more "non-trading days" than the typical trader.

My user name in the chat room is wrbtrader. More info about me @  

Hashtags: #volatility #coronavirus #trading #chatroom #irc #futures

IRC is used because it has different types of software to use for logging into the chat room with fewest disconnection problems for users including many types of mobile apps and its not a memory hog like other chat's independent from the website and independent from screen share meeting.

Just as importantly, most of the IRC software / apps to log into the chat room are free to members unlike most of the today's popular teleconference or chat software that may cost $25 - $100 per month via subscription fees with daily time limits and they can not be automated for trade posting although more suitable for business applications. 

Also, IRC is the only chat program that I'm able to automate uploading the daily chat logs to the archive storage forum even if I'm not there. 

Log-in instructions for the free chat here. Yet, if you only want to read the archived chat room logs of price action here. Archived since 2002. 

Bloomberg Markets 

Bloomerg MarketsLive TV @ 

Radio @ 

The Open @ 

The Close @

Cross Asset Correlations  

December 16th to February 16th  - Intermarket Price Correlations 

Cross Asset Correlations(click on image to view Price Correlations)  

One of my biggest edges in trading is intermarket price correlation analysis. It is barely covered in the WRB Analysis education material because I prefer to only discuss it with active members in their private threads if they ask questions about it.

Those clients that do not ask questions about intermarket price correlations...they will be confused about my trades shown in the free chat room and in my redacted screenshots of timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform.

I use the CME Group cross asset correlations along with my own custom cross asset correlation analysis of Eurex / Euronext futures.

Simply, whatever I'm trading while using WRB Analysis, I primarily get my trade signals from the price action of other key markets so that I do not have tunnel vision on whatever it is that I'm trading while other key markets are in contradiction.

Thus, I prefer to take a trade when key markets are in sync with each other in their volatility movements...higher the volatility ?...the stronger the correlation coefficient ? and it results in reaching bigger WRB pt targets along with helping to structure my position size for each trade.

Learning Reliable Trade Methodology
Go HereWRB Analysis Advance Tutorial Chapters
Go HereVolatility Trading Report (VTR)

Forum for Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters 4 - 12

TheStrategyLab's WRB Analysis Free Study Guide is the doorway into our price action analysis and then our trade signal strategies. Yet, the free study guide do not contain any trade signal is only a price action analysis that you're required to merge with your trade signal strategies. 

Next, after you've posted your DOKs and redacted screenshots of trade fills from your broker trade execution platform to verify you've learned & applied the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide...

You're ready to use your trade signal strategies merged with our WRB Analysis Free Study Guide for a few months of trading...continuing to verify your trade performance in the private thread section or private trade journal section of the free forum.

This will open the next door into our fee-base education resources if you need further help to continue improving your trade performance in current market conditions.

Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters 4 - 12: These are price action analysis that identifies different types of volatility changes as WRB Zones. merged with your trade signal strategies will give you a deeper understanding of WRB Analysis beyond the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide.

Tutorial Chapters 1 - 12 price action analysis course helps give you that market context to understand the price action you're trading prior to the appearance of any trade signal strategy you're using.

Volatility Trading Reports (VTR): The VTR requires the free study guide plus the advance tutorial chapter 4 to be verified of learning/application before the purchase of the exceptions as of 2014.

The VTR consist of several lower level trade strategy reports that have a learning route for traders that want to jump start their trade performance beyond the performance of their own trade signal trade signal strategies.

Our trade signal strategies are the VTR, STR, APAOR, AJCTR, FVB and DCM. These strategies are rule-based (objective) and they exploit changes in supply/demand via volatility analysis regardless if the market conditions are a change in supply/demand, fast changing price actions, trend continuations, trend reversals, pullbacks, range, low volatility or high volatility.

To ask questions about our trade methodology at our TSL Support here. To find more information about our refund here.
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Members Trade Journals
Private Trade Journals & Private Threads

TheStrategyLab has a new trade journal section for member @ Members Trade Journals and Private Threads.

Trade Journals helps traders to stay in the present. They will help you overcome a critical psychological barrier to success...letting prior wins/losses affect the now. Your journal of your trade performance (simulator or real money) will allow you to set goals and give you immediate feedback when you complete your trading day.

Thus, your trade journal allows you to be an active learner, adapting and determining what you do well and why you do it well. Also, it will give you the tools to determine what you should be doing better and how...empowering you to develop future goals and you the tools to achieve your desired outcome in your trading.

Join our forum and then request access to the private section of our free forum to start your own trade journal or private thread in a well moderated forum environment. Simply, we keep the trolls away while you journal your trading along the rode to successful trading.

Registered Members of
Reviews and Testimonials

Most of our resources are free for you to review and apply for your due diligence prior to purchasing our advance resources involving price action trading. Yet, we provide accolades, reviews and testimonials by verifiied users of the Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters and the Volatility Trading Report (VTR) trade strategies. To read other here.

wrbtrader Price Action Trading Profit Loss Statement(click on image to view complete testimonial & broker PnL statement)

The highlighted testimonial with our broker PnL statement from screen sharing is just one of many traders that benefited from our resources although we do have a few users that are not satisfied.

To read their reviews and here.

Note: We have banned a few users from our resources years ago for being trolls due to their repeat unprofessional behavior, impersonating other users, hack attempts on trading accounts, hack attempts on private threads, multiple aliases, misinformation statements...while not posting any verification of their own trade performance.

To counter the statements by these trolls you can read  our rebuttal review that they do not want you to know @ TheStrategyLab Reviews 

Verified Client Reviews - TheStrategyLab shows individual reviews by a user of WRB Analysis and the average client reviews of our education resources by verified clients that have verified their understanding of WRB Analysis via DOKs along with verified their trade performance (simulator or real money) via screenshots of timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform or broker statements with timestamp trade fills.

In comparison, reviews from the past were not as vetted in comparison to today about users of WRB Analysis. Yet, we value any constructive criticism or recommendation by users of WRB Analysis to improve our education resources.

Books for Traders
Trader Book Reviews
Books Highlighted by YOU
Trading Classic Chart PatternsTrading Classic Chart Patterns and is by Thomas Bulkowski and there's no overlapping with his other book called Encyclopedia of Price Action Chart Patterns. Yet, just be aware that his results are via his trade method and will differ in the results from someone else that has a different trade method for trading the same pattern.

Trade What You See: How To Profit from Pattern RecognitionTrade What You See: How To Profit from Pattern Recognition and is a book I saw mentioned by traders from our social network that are posting at other forums about AB=CD, gartley and butterfly price action patterns via fibonacci numbers .

Different trader books are being highlighted above and there are more recommended books by other traders to help with understanding and application of price action trading. Thus, you can join our TSL Support Forum to post your own personal reviews or recommendations @ Trader Books.

Follow Us on Stocktwits
Follow our recent Stocktwits price action commentary on futures, forex and stocks via the user name wrbtrader. Disclaimer - The Strategy Lab. All rights reserved. The Strategy Lab is neither a registered broker-dealer, investment advisory service nor an investment advisor and does not purport...continue reading.
Quotation center Analysis of wide range body or bar (WRB Hidden GAP) is the most efficient way to exploit changes in supply/demand, high volatility or increasing volatility for profits. Quotation Right
TheStrategyLab Users Reviews
TheStrategyLab Review - Trader Recommendation"I've been exclusively trading your VTR pattern's a profitable method...IMO its your best report so far that I have access to."

TheStrategyLab Review
Rating TheStrategyLab Advance WRB Review
Read Client Review read entire review
TheStrategyLab Review -  Trader Recommendation"niha, since we are yaking...i just want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for you as a trader and person. i have long admired your willingness to help others and your no bs..."

TheStrategyLab Review
Rating TheStrategyLab Advance WRB Review
Read Client Review read entire review
TheStrategyLab Review - Trader Recommendation"Your material is exceptional, its REVOLUTIONARY, seriously."

TheStrategyLab Review RatingTheStrategyLab Advance WRB Review
Read Client Review read entire review
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7401 registered traders have downloaded the free WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters 1 - 3 study guide since 2008 and 78% say the education content of WRB Analysis is useful. 558 registered traders have purchased our volatility trade methodology since 2002.

Currently, via info shown in redacted screenshots of timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform, redacted brokerage statements (simulator or real money) & quantitative statistical analysis via a 3rd party professional trade journal software posted by free users and fee-base clients of WRB Analysis...72% are profitable. 

Traders that do not see an improvement in the performance of their trade signal strategies while following the instructions of WRB Analysis represent about 12% of the users. Others that do not post any verification info...I do not know any info about their trade performance.

Traders using WRB Analysis price action patterns are required to document their learning and trading (simulator or real money) via screenshots of timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform & quantitative statistical analysis via 3rd party professional trade journal software.

Unfortunately, 47% of the users refuse or say they're unable to document their learning & application of WRB Analysis.

Once again, there's a lot more to successful trading than trade signals or technical analysis. If you do not understand, please read my Price Action Trading Daily Routine (last updated June 3rd 2018)

TSL Support Forum RegistrationTraders that most recently joined our social network of traders (updated once per month): 

More Info  Follower on Stocktwits/Twitter - EThornicroft

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Recommend other traders and you'll earn 10% to 25% and free access to our trade strategies when they purchase our trade methods @ Referral Program. A few traders in our referral program are earning about $165 per month via recommending to other traders.

Updated information and rules @ Referral Program

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Guest visitors are allowed to vote (registration not needed). However, all commentaries by traders will be reviewed (moderator queued) prior to being approved for viewing.

To see all polls related to trading, economy, wall street, global markets et here.

Music and Trading
Listening To Music While Trading

It's a known fact (has been proven) that when we listen to music while working, we accomplish more work and release more stress along with having a more positive outlook on our jobs and life.

Music is an aid for positive change in our moods, emotional and psychological states...healing power of mind, body and spirit that's faster in comparison of such without music.

This is very critical especially if you...continue reading.


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